A gathering of investors, collectors and connoisseurs from around the globe for an exclusive 2-day whisky event in glamourous Monte Carlo. Joined by some of the world’s leading experts and the leading authorities in whisky investment.

Quote by Charles MacLean, Patron of the Monte Carlo Whisky Society

Over the past decade, whisky fairs and festivals have sprung up all over the world. The Whisky Live organisation alone presents events in twenty countries this year, some of them attracting over 10,000 visitors.

But the Monte Carlo Whisky Conference is not like other whisky shows. It is shamelessly exclusive; attendance will be limited to 50 Golden ticket holders, invited guests and 300 master class tickets. It will be led by five of the best respected experts in the whisky industry, all of them masters of their craft. The topics to be discussed are relevant to the enjoyment and appreciation of whisky, and this year there will be a special focus on investing in whisky. At their individual master classes, the experts will present some extremely rare and precious malts.

Above all, the weekend promises to be relaxed and great fun, an opportunity to meet friends and make friends in some of the finest venues Monte Carlo has to offer.

I do hope you will join us. You will be made very welcome.

Charles MacLean

World Exclusive - The Dalmore Constellation Master Class

Meet the Experts!

Charles MacLeanDr Bill LumsdenDr Sam SimmonsRonnie CoxRichard Paterson

Taste the Whisky!

The Dalmore Constellation Collection
with Richard Paterson
Monte Carlo, Monaco
The Rarest of Rare
with David Robertson
Monte Carlo, Monaco
The Balvenie: Five Decades of David Stewart
with Dr Sam Simmons
Monte Carlo, Monaco
The Glenrothes: The Vintage Single Malt
with Ronnie Cox
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Share the Knowledge
“Think out of the Bottle”

The Flavour Complex:
Where flavour in Whisky comes from, how it’s changed
and what the future holds

with Dr Bill Lumsden
Saturday 30th November 2013 Monte Carlo, Monaco
Whisky Investing:
Liquid Gold or Lead Balloon?

with David Robertson
Saturday 30th November 2013 Monte Carlo, Monaco
The Experts Lunch:
Share lunch and knowledge with the experts
hosted by Charles MacLean
Saturday 30th November 2013 Monte Carlo, Monaco
The Whisky Confessionals:
Private One-to-Ones with the Experts
Sunday 1st December 2013 Monte Carlo, Monaco